Rocket Program

The Intermediate Space Challenge is taking off May 18th. 

In April we will be in the local fifth and sixth grade classrooms giving presentations about the history of rockets, how they work, where we have been and where we are going. 
We will also begin to build the rocket and prepare the kids for launch day.
On May 18th we will bus them all, about 700 kids, to the Tehachapi Municipal Airport and launch each rocket in a competition which is a lot of fun. In fact it is a BLAST!!

Intermediate Space Challenge

The Intermediate Space Challenge (ISC), initiated in 2010, is a program designed to capture youthful imagination about space and energize their interest in the engineering, mathematics, and Science career fields. The ISC focuses on 4th and 5th grade students, engaging them in a team effort to build a model rocket, write about their thoughts on space exploration, learn about rocket propulsion principles, and participate in a launch day event at Tehachapi Municipal Airport.

The recent pictures from our Rocket Program showing the finished product at the Tehachapi Municipal Airport.  

Watching the finished Rocket taking off.  


Watching it go

Men involved in putting together the Rocket Program.