Agriculture Program

Agriculture Program

Jacobsen Middle School

Creating an outdoor classroom is our mission. In fall 2011, students started with the planting of 20 apple trees. The next step was to put in a recycling area to recycle plastic bottles and cans to help raise money to go back into the area. Each teach will have an area to integrate in to their curriculum to offer hands-on learning with their students. Our hopes are to have a weather station, art gardens, vegetable gardens, berry bushes and vines, benches, tables, goats, chickens and additional trees. As we hear back from the teachers and raise money, we will provide the areas they need. Help support us through recycle donations, funding, or contact us to let us know how you can help.

AST Planting Projects

The AST Planting Projects promote learning about the seed germination cycle and plant life as well as teaching children the joy of nurturing a seed or seedling intoa grown plant.

In 2009, AST sponsored its first acorn planting by the District's 3rd - 5th graders. In the summer of 2011, we began selling these first Valley Oaks at various sites to fund future planting projects. Also, Old Towne Nursery has graciously allowed AST to sell Oak trees at their store with 100% of proceeds returning to AST for future projects.

In 2010, we also had a pumpkin project, in which K-3rd graders were able to take home a pumpkin seed and watch them grow. In the spring of 2011, AST sponsored another planting of pumpkin seeds for the K-2nd graders and an Incense Cedar seedling planting for the 3rd graders at Tehachapi elementary schools induding Valley Oaks Charter School.